View from the ancient hillside village of MALLEVAL, Saint-Joseph A.O.P.

M A T I N I C U S   W I N E S

about US:

MATINICUS WINES works both as an agent (80%) and as an importer (20%).  Our job is to find importers and distributors in different states for the wineries we work with. We work with small producers in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany.  By acting in an "agent" roll we are able to get the wines to the distributor at a much more reasonable price.

- As Agent:
If the importer/distributor buys directly from Europe, we work as agents.  The winery sells directly to the importer/distributor.

- As Importer:
If the distributor does not have an import license to buy directly from Europe, the winery sells to our import company, Matinicus Wines, LLC.  Matinicus then sells to the distributor and pays the winery upon receipt of payment from distributor. 

- Our Philosophy: We search out wines that reflect their terroir and the vision of the people who make them. We like wines with firm acidity and balance. We want to taste the fruit and not dirty wine making. We dislike over-oaked wines, those too alcoholic, over-ripe fruit and low acidity. We love indigenous grape varieties.